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Friday, September 30, 2005

"Hey Poindexter! It's Halloween! Put the book away!"

I need to figure out a Halloween costume for work. Our theme is to dress as a board game or some part of a board game. Suggestions are welcome, but it would greatly help if they were simple enough that:

1) I could make it without great monetary expenditures
2) the kids that I work with would understand what it is (Dave, this means I will not be dressing up as the Ukraine from "Risk." You, of course, are free to do so!) and
3) I can still move about and sit down to do my job without great problem.

Ideas (other than the Ukraine) that have been tossed around already were something related to Candyland, a pie piece (or the whole pie) from Trivial Pursuit, Connect 4 board, or something from Clue. Dave may be digging up his old childhood board games this weekend to find other ideas.

Current music running through my head: "Why Should The Fire Die?" by Nickel Creek. Also listened to Emmylou Harris' "Red Dirt Girl" album this afternoon. Fantastic, amazing, flowing, soulful. Highly recommended.


  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger Dave said…

    "Why Should the Fire Die?" is a great song and a great album! "When in Rome" and "Tomorrow is a Long Time" are also great songs from the same album. I second the recommendation!

    I still say a great board game-themed costume would be for you to be a Scrabble piece -- specifically, the letter 'M'. Because you're Em, see, and that way your costume would be your name! It's clever!

  • At 7:27 PM, Anonymous FCC@V said…

    "M" really is clever Dave. I was thinking that Em could dress as the board for twister. That would be great.

    Childhood games:
    Chutes and Ladders

    Oh, great idea! Dress up as Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly. That would be adorable!

    Oddly enough I have been thinking about a lot of the same things recently...our homecoming theme this year is of a similar theme.

    Hope that you can come up with something.


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